Destroy Youtube Videos You Hate By Launching a Dislike Bot Attack!

Is there a Youtube Video you just ABSOLUTELY HATE?

Is there a Trump or Biden video that you wish God could wipe off the face of the earth?

Is there a Youtuber you're competing with but you want to absolutely destroy (so that you get more Youtube views and make more money?).

Well there's a simple trick for that. Just shove it a bunch of dislikes.

The Youtube algorithm takes the number of dislikes as a strong ranking signal in what to recommend people. It also uses this signal in the Youtube search results.

By launching a dislike bot attack, you can cause the video to disappear from people's recommended feed and also from the Youtube search results!

100 dislikes could probably do the trick. It would only cost $10. Is it worth $10 to you to destroy the video?

Give it a try for just $10. If you don't see 100 dislikes, you get your money back guaranteed.

Guaranteed dislikes or your money back!